Ecos Machico

Ecos Machico® is a brand that focuses on the integrated and sustainable management of the County.

Ecos Machico® is owned by the Machico City Council and aims to strategically define the environmental recovery and rehabilitation plan and the touristic revitalization of the municipality of Machico in accordance with its purposes for the sustainable development of the territory, namely:

- Systemic approach, allowing the implementation of a new cross-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary approach, capable of generating an integrative and prospective vision of the Municipality;

- Adequate prevention and precaution, predicting problems and adapting a precautionary attitude in the face of ignorance or intervention capacity, minimizing risks or negative impacts;

- Sustainability and institutional solidarity capable of promoting compatibility between social and economic development, conservation of the landscape, geodiversity and biodiversity, within a framework for improving the quality of life of the current and future population of the Municipality;

- Cohesion and social equity that can ensure social balance and a balanced distribution of resources and opportunities among the various social groups, classes and parishes;

- Implementation of the polluter pays principle;

- Scientific and technical support capable of supporting decision-making of planning measures and management in the comprehension of phenomena and its dynamic evolution;

- Increase the green infrastructure in the Municipality;

- Enhance Green and Circular Economy.

Ecos Machico

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