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For most visitors, Machico is the first place they see apon arriving in Madeira. From the North coast with Penha de Águia in Porto da Cruz, the jagged São Lourenço peninsula to the beautiful bay, there are many emblematic places in Machico that you will want to visit!

However, VisitMachico® and its five parishes have so much more to see, as well as fantastic tales to tell. Explore VisitMachico® and discover what we have in store for you.

How to get here

It's very easy to get to Madeira through one of the many travel agencies that provide regular connections to the Island via air and sea.

Getting to Machico is just as easy and immediate. VisitMachico® has provided you with a virtual visit and access to experiences, services and urban mobility. I-tourism can answer your logistical queries and guide you in a quick and simple way.

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How to get here

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport is the main entryway into the Island. It takes little more than three hours to arrive from most European destinations.

Madeira International Airport is just 4 kilometres away from the Machico city centre; about a four-minute drive.

VisitMachico® helps you to find the ideal accommodation for your holiday. Take a look at the accommodation on offer in Machico here.

How to get here
Quinta do Lorde Marina

Located in the South-East of the Island, Quinta do Lorde Marina is part of the Quinta do Lorde Resort. The resort is situated about 4 kilometres from the centre of Caniçal and 10 from the city of Machico.

The Quinta do Lorde Marina has 264 berths and the capacity to receive vessels between 6 and 25 metres in length as well as Mega Yachts up to 45 metres long.

There are several services provided at Quinta do Lorde Marina, namely:

  • Fuel supply
  • Water and energy supply at every pontoon
  • Supply of various support material (cables, fenders, gas bottles, etc.)
  • Wastewater collection with Pump-Out
  • Toilets and changing rooms
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Wireless Internet

How to get there
Port of Machico

The Port of Machico located in the bay of Machico is managed by the Municipal Council of Machico (CMM).

The port harbours small to medium-sized vessels and has a twelve tonne limit. Berths can be applied for by submitting an application form to CMM and needs prior approval from the Municipal Council.

The port is an integral part of the urban surroundings of the beautiful city of Machico, with support services in the vicinity, as well as a privileged landscape and a promenade that connects to the city centre in just over 5 minutes.



How to get here
Caniçal Commercial Port

The Caniçal Commercial Port is the Island's main point of supply and handles most of the entry of food supplies and materials.

The port is in Caniçal, adjacent to the Madeira International Business Centre and is a point of support for local shipowners.

Transport Services

Machico has a public and private transport network that will help you get around.

Transport Services

Representing the colours of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the peculiar yellow and blue striped taxis are a traditional option to get from point A to point B as well as go on tours with the Taxi-Voucher.

  • Prices and General Information

    The normal drop rate is EUR 2.00.
    On working days between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the drop rate is EUR 2.40.
    An amount of no more than 50% is charged for any luggage over 30 kg, to be agreed on in advance.
    Taxis are marked with the letter A and have no meters. The price per kilometre is EUR 0.63, and there is a minimum charge.

Transport Service
Taxi stand

AITRAM is the Associação dos Industriais de Táxi da Região Autónoma da Madeira through which you can purchase the Taxi-Voucher, which can also be bought online.

  • Machico (centre)

    (+351) 291 962 480

  • Centro de Saúde de Machico

    (+351) 291 962 189

  • Santo da Serra

    (+351) 291 552 100

  • Caniçal

    (+351) 291 961 989

  • Porto da Cruz

    (+351) 291 562 411

  • Taxi Voucher

Transport Services

The collective public transport network operating in Machico belongs to the company SAM (Sociedade de Automóveis da Madeira). There are several routes that provide transport between the parishes of Machico, as well as between the municipalities of Machico, Santana and Funchal.

See schedules below.

Transport Services
Bus schedules

Santo da Serra


Porto da Cruz - Faial

Porto da Cruz - Faial

Caniçal - Baía D'Abra

Ribeira Seca

Água Pena


Ribeira Seca


Porto da Cruz - Faial

Criança dos 6 aos 11 anos inclusive

Criança até aos 5 anos gratuito

Criança dos 6 aos 11 anos inclusive

Criança até aos 5 anos gratuito

Madeira Island




(Machico - Funchal)
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 26.8 Km



(Machico - Monte)
Time: 27 minutes
Distance: 23.6 Km


Botanical Gardens

(Machico - Jardim Botânico)
Time: 25 minutes
Distance: 22.2 Km


Cabo Girão

(Machico - Cabo Girão)
Time: 41 minutes
Distance: 36.3 Km


Porto Moniz Volcanic Pool

(Machico - Piscinas do Porto Moniz)
Time: 1h.10 minutes
Distance: 72.0 Km


Santana House

(Machico - Casas de Colmo de Santana)
Time: 27 minutes
Distance: 19.8 Km


Garajau nature reserve

(Machico - Reserva Natural do Garajau)
Time: 21 minutes
Distance: 18.0 Km


Porto Santo

(Machico - Porto Santo)
Time by plane: 20 minutes
Time by Ferry: 2h30 minutes