Levada do Caniçal


Caniçal - Caniçal








7.6 Km


2h30min - 3h

Max./Min. Altitude

244m / 233m



About the walk...
Surrounded by stunning views of the unique parish of Caniçal, Levada do Caniçal is a one-way walk that takes hikers on a peaceful stroll along the canal.

The 4-kilometre-long levada has two different starting points, one at ER 214 next to the Caniçal tunnel or on ER 109 next to the Caniçal cemetery.

Due to the length and tranquillity of the route, most hikers choose to make the round trip starting at the Caniçal tunnel at ER 214.

Built to irrigate the crops grown in the small parish, the water in the usually active levada flows East towards Ponta de São Lourenço.

Levada do Caniçal is the perfect choice for those that like to admire profound landscapes and come into close contact with the regions they visit. This hike provides you with excellent views over the village and the Madeira Free Trade Zone. The International Business Centre of Madeira, also known as the Madeira Free Trade Zone is an exclusive financial development centre that benefits from its own tax regime that has contributed to the growth of Madeira as a European reference for foreign investment.

Caniçal officialy became a village in 1994 and is a fishing village by nature. Caniçal has always had very strong connections to the sea, this connection is apparent at many levels, from the main cargo port on the Island to the docks.

For one-way walks (keeping in mind that you can turn back to your starting point if needed) we recommend you go with a tour operator or hire transport service to get back to your point of origin. Search the business directory and lookup companies that provide these services.

Remember, hiking involves specific risks associated with natural events, that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for. Refer to the Hiker's guide developed by VisitMachico® that will alert you to the safety rules and provide you with information about walking in Machico.
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Levada do Caniçal


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Levada do Caniçal


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Levada do Caniçal


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