Levada do Castelejo


Porto da Cruz - Porto da Cruz






Return trip


11.8 Km


4h - 4h30min

Max./Min. Altitude

387m / 266m



About the walk…
Levada do Castelejo is a lovely walk that takes you from the rural landscape of Porto da Cruz into the dense laurel forest, giving you best of both worlds.

This walk offers a broad view of the agricultural reality of Machico within a peaceful setting that combines the art of walking with the authenticity of nature.

The presence of farmland throughout the walk allows you to observe the main crops cultivated in this region. As the levada takes you inland, the climate becomes more humid, enabling the first species of the Laurel forest to appear. The largest patch of endemic forest occurs at the very end.

Characterised by the existence of large trees that can grow over 20 metres tall, the main species of the Laurissilva forest are: Canary bay or Canary laurel (Laurus novocanariensis); Madeiran Mahogany (Persea indica); Fetid laurel (Ocotea foetens) and Canary laurel (Apollonias barbujana).

The levada is usually active, meaning that there is almost always water flowing throughout the course of the canal from Ribeiro Frio to Porto da Cruz, thus constantly replenishing the farmland and primary sector of the municipality.

The levada follows the trail throughout the walk, acting as a guide. At the end of the route, there is a small waterfall formed by the stream that supplies the levada.

To get back, retrace your steps along the levada. Take the opportunity to re-live the details missed upon the initial trip.

Avid hikers can combine Levada do Castelejo to Levada da Referta, reclassified under a different name for water management purposes.

If you decide to carry onto Levada da Referta, we recommend you go with a tour operator or hire transport service to get back to your point of origin. Search the business directory and lookup companies that provide these services.

Remember, hiking involves specific risks associated with natural events, that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for. Refer to the Hiker's guide developed by VisitMachico® that will alert you to the safety rules and provide you with information about walking in Machico.

Instead of returning through the same route, it is possible to continue along Vereda do Lombo Grande to the parish of São Roque do Faial (Santana).

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Levada do Castelejo


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Levada do Castelejo


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Levada do Castelejo


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