Levada dos Maroços


Santo António da Serra - Machico






One way


11.9 Km


3h30min - 4h

Max./Min. Altitude

264m / 238m



About the walk...
Levada dos Maroços flows almost entirely in Machico. Yet, the canal starts in the parish of Santo António da Serra e finishes in Caniçal.

This walk allows you to discover the interior of the parish and is an excellent example of life on the rural outskirts of Machico.

The rural landscape reflects in the traditional terracing, known as poios. Working against the mountainous landscape, Madeirans shaped the land through arduous work.

Levada dos Maroços is a long but pleasant walk that is relatively flat. This levada does not present any significant difficulties.

Due to the slow-paced nature, this walk is popular among families that find in Levada dos Maroços an urban walk within a rural context. This levada has many access points that ease the logistics of the long hike.

There are connections to other paths along the levada, namely to Vereda das Funduras, Vereda da Boca do Risco and Vereda do Pico Castanho.

Built to irrigate the surrounding farmland, the levada collects water from various streams and tributaries that intersect with it.

The route finishes at the Caniçal Tunnel at ER 214. It is recommended you go with a tour operator in the company of a guide or hire a local transport service to get back to your point of origin. Search the business directory and lookup companies that provide these services.

Remember, hiking involves specific risks associated with natural events, that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for. Refer to the Hiker's guide developed by VisitMachico® that will alert you to the safety rules and provide you with information about walking in Machico.
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Levada dos Maroços


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Levada dos Maroços


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Levada dos Maroços


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