Vereda das Funduras


Porto da Cruz - Machico






One way


8.3 Km


3h - 3h30min

Max./Min. Altitude

633m / 197m



About the walk...
Vereda das Funduras is one of the most emblematic trails within the municipality of Machico in regard to local fauna and flora. The Funduras mountains hold one of the largest areas of Laurissilva forest in the eastern part of Madeira.

The trail begins at the Portela Viewpoint with breath-taking views of the coastline and the imposing Penha de Águia.

Levada da Portela, located at 600 metres altitude accompanies the first part of the walk. At this altitude, there are many places to stop and enjoy the views making it difficult to choose the best angle or landscape. The relationship between all the different elements makes this a truly brilliant walk.

You can try a few different activities along Vereda das Funduras such as Trail Running and Mountain Biking. However, what makes this trail stand out is the fact that it is a PBTT JOEL – Um Caminho para todos (A walk for everyone) meaning that it is accessible to people with adapted wheelchairs.

You will get to a junction on the right that is indicated by a signpost reading PR5 - Maroços close to the start of the trail. Follow the route mentioned, into the heart of the largest patch of Laurissilva forest of the south coast. Follow the directions that indicate Maroços until the end of the trail.

An undulating path leads you through the endemic vegetation for about 2 km where Bay and Barbusano trees stand out among the intensely green forest. The vegetation contributes to the excellent quality of air.

Take a moment to admire the sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes at the Funduras ranger station. Descend the trail, following the signs along a maintained wooden staircase that leads you to the end of the route. You will end up at Levada dos Maroços where you should continue heading down towards the small village.

Take advantage of the services available in Maroços and enjoy some of the regional specialities while interacting with the locals, exchanging ideas and curiosities about the walk.

Vereda das Funduras is a one-way walk and can start in one of two locations, either in the parish of Porto da Cruz or Machico. We recommend doing this walk downwards, however, either direction is feasible and involves the same kind of logistics.

To do this walk, it is recommended you go with a tour operator in the company of a guide or hire a local transport service to get back to your point of origin. Search the business directory and lookup companies that provide these services.

Remember, hiking involves specific risks associated with natural events, that the Municipality cannot be held responsible for. Refer to the Hiker's guide developed by VisitMachico® that will alert you to the safety rules and provide you with information about walking in Machico.
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Vereda das Funduras


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Vereda das Funduras

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Vereda das Funduras

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Vereda das Funduras

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