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You can experience the sea in a unique and diverse way in almost every parish in Machico. Each beach has its own unique connection to those who wish to experience the sea.

The typical pebble stone beaches show Machico's traditional side and put any beachgoers balance to the test. The black sandy beaches take visitors to some of the most emblematic spots, while the yellow sand beach invites you to sit down and relax.

The swimming complexes of the municipality provide accessibility to all; thus, everyone can enjoy the sensation of diving into the salty depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can also experience the crystalline waters of Baía de Abra, classified as a SPA (Special Protection Area) within the Natura 2000 network and the pulsating waves in Porto da Cruz, naturally blessed for surfing.

Plage de Alagoa
Complexe balnéaire du Porto da Cruz
Plage de Maiata
Plage de São Roque
Plage de Banda D'Alem
Plage de Ribeira de Natal
Complexe balnéaire du Caniçal
Baia D'Abra
Cais do Sardinha